Hello World!

Hello World!

Reactor: online. Website: online. Description text: online. All systems nominal.

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Hi folks. I’m Frank. 👋

I work in cybersecurity as a business information security officer (BISO), with a background primarily on the GRC side of security, and have worked in this field for about seven years at the time of this post. Head on over to About if you want more of the bits about me.

The itch set in to finally build a personal website and make something of a project out of it, something I could both learn from building and host content on going forward, without having to spend a ton of time maintaining it or paying inconveniently high hosting fees. This is the result; I’ve gone into some further detail as a blog post here: BeerMetalPC.com

I’ve been trying to overcome my own apprehensions and find more ways to participate in the broader security community: conferences, meetups, infosec twitter, and the like. (Admittedly, not great timing to have this drive in the midst of a global pandemic….) I’ve done a little writing in the past, primarily about things relating to video games and online communities. Writing has been a semi-consistent means for me to give back or add value in those fields, and I feel I’m now reaching a point professionally where I may have experiences or content worth sharing in the security space. I’ve struggled to come to grips with posting content publicly in the past. I can only assume my comfort level is greater this time around by having control over the content and how it’s presented. Rather than being hosted on a behemoth of a site or service, the personal site format feels available, but comfortable, if that makes sense.

While I will post security content here, it also won’t be the exclusive focus. Games and other personal interests may appear here. To that end, I’ve pre-populated this site with some of my old content back-dated to reflect when I last worked on it, as well as a potential conference talk that I’ve been working on more recently.

I don’t anticipate any set schedule or frequency of posting, if I have something longer than a tweet I want to share, or if I’ve gotten a project or conference talk idea to a point I feel comfortable making public, I’ll share it here and post a link to my Twitter, @BeerMetalPC That’s also the best way to get ahold of me if you have questions, requests, feedback, or just want to carry on a conversation or memery.

Welcome, thanks for reading, and if you ever find something of value to you here do let me know.